Coachella 2018 and Cold Brew Coffee Choices


Over 750,000 people trolling through Coachella this past weekend.  I only know a handful of performers scheduled - not that I'm not into music, I most definately am - I guess I'm not that into concentrated crowds that large.  Call me paranoid, but lately America been kinda cray and having 3 drones flying above me as increased security doesn't exactly calm my already nervous nerves   (my daughter goes to #msdstrong so yeah...ya know). With all that said, their brand new 40,000 sqft food court called "Indio Central Market" features 15 of the most celebrated restaurants of South California.  Also, there's over 100 vendors covering for the whole event in 2 weekend parts  (sorry just reminding you that you're still reading a cold brew blog) many cold brew coffee vendors do you think is a part of the line up???




I should really end this blog post right here.  I literally spent an hour (that I clearly don't have) researching every Coachella food/beverage vendor blog to find another brand of cold brew coffee that will be there, because I couldn't believe it.  Alas! I found 1 more.  


Joe and the Juice.


Omg. No offense, but they should have just left me at 1.  I was already disappointed, didn't need to relive the ending of the TV series "LOST" (the WORST ending ever, was depressed for like 2 weeks straight)

Peeps dancing and vibes-ing all day in the hot sun need cold brew.  Keep it Cool Cold Brew.  That's a no brainer.  They have enough cocktail vendors to satisfy cravings for variety.  But anybody craving for some decent cold brew just got Californication screwed.


See you next year Coachella 2019 #kiccoldbrewgoals





Coachella Cold Brew Cocktail Recipe:


2oz. Mango Puree

1oz. Tequila Tromba

1/2oz. Lime

3/4oz. Agave

Get all ingredients in a shaker with some ice.  Serve in a chilled coupe, garnish with a fresh mango wedge, and dance like no one is watching...cause they're not.  They're on their phones.



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