Thank God it's Monday...seriously. If you are reading are alive. I know someone who owns a funeral home back in Montreal, and she told me that the strangest thing about funerals is that it comes in waves.  Funeral homes will be empty for months, and then all of a sudden, it's overbooked.  Like this month first with Kate Spade, then Anthony Bourdain, then my husband's Grandmother, and then my 29 year old cousin.  Like stop now.  Is it that we are all just getting older or is this world just getting crazier and more heavy to deal with.  Is it Trump?  Or Kanye? or is it Me? You?  The point is there is no point, I have no point because death is just one thing.  


The day starts off with coffee or cold brew coffee of course, then comes the stress and last minute planning of things you forgot to do and last minute mayhem, chaos actually, and yo, family be craaazy ( I literally had a long lost aunt tell me she sees dead people. Talks to them too. Not joking tho.  Then my husband that night saw "someone" sitting on a chair in my backyard when everyone had gone home - insert yellow circle face emoji with eyes open wide) but at the end of the night after the tears, and getting over the anxiety from seeing whichever cousin you haven't seen since the last wedding or funeral, that you can't stand, but now y'all are laughing, funerals in a weird way bring people together.  At the end of the night after rum punch and whiskey... a loooot of rum punch and whiskey...everybody sat around the kitchen island table drinking coffee and cold brew. Should've taken a picture so that you could believe me. Cause honestly coffee or cold brew is what starts a hard morning and coffee or cold brew coffee finishes a long hard day.  

May our loved ones who have passed rest peacefully and may those who survive them live peacefully and with a lot of forgiveness and love.

So Good morning Monday.  I'm alive. and my cold brew coffee tastes really good. 




*Note to self:  Avoid the crazy family members tho, cause now I run in my backyard past that darn chair like somebody gonna grab my foot. loll


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