O'douds + Keep It Cool

You ever meet someone for the first time, and you just immediately click?  They say there is some chemical our bodies can give off that just make people more attractive.  I think my husband read somewhere that eating a lot of celery is a natural thing you can eat that increases the amount of that same attraction chemical (presently wondering what he was googling to find that fact!?) Anyway, this is how we felt about meeting the two guys behind O'douds, just not in a romantic way ... friends, this is a coffee blog ... in a business way of course.  Two entirely different ninja's of creative minds, Clayton and Zachary meshed so perfectly together, meeting them was like Costco amounts of celery bursting inwardly into flavors of "love at first sight" but again, in a totally professional business way.  Look, when you own your own business and you choose to do a collaboration, you might as well feel like you are choosing a marriage mate for your kid.  It matters.  Everything matters.  The compatibility, the open communication about what you like and don't like, and how to join something together without losing your own identity ... all of this and more is involved in a collaboration that's done right and can last for many years ... I know, I know my analogy is perfect isn't it?!

Anyway, after some real conversations, in their wicked "real hipsters are actually alive and doing mighty well" laboratory in Brooklyn New York, the boys put their heart + talent to work with our KIC coffee grounds and KIC cold brew coffee and created an amazing cold brew soap, and a wicked coffee scrub that contains the most luxurious of ingredients, simply cause these artists just don't know how to do it any other way.  Their standards are as high as ours with their individual personalities cooler than ours, naturally the finished product was just destined to be pure perfection.

Do yourselves and your elbows, or an ashy loved one a favor and get these new products, that with a side of cold brew, you set it up for the beginnings or continuation of "the cool life".






p.s. More interest ? Full process + pics of this whole production, check out Clayton's journal at www.odouds.us

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