Morning coffee is the only light in a dim world.

It’s true tho. I look forward to my morning cold brew coffee sooo much (or hot brew, depending on the mood) that even if my world is falling apart and I’m so stressed out, I’m like Winona Ryder in just about every scene in Stranger Things ... I just hold the drama and chaos till after that cup. Who gave coffee that power? The power to just make everything seem “ok” until the 3rd last sip when it’s lukewarmness is just not as enjoyable as the first sip microwave allowed here, we're in the third wave coffee business folks. Don’t even own a microwave (LIE) Didn’t grow up with a microwave (TRUTH) After my morning coffee, and I take this seriously,

Good morning. Come on in.

True coffee shop story time - trying to start something here, support:

So once there was this chef that was super popular and would show up every morning to our super cool coffee shop in his full chef outfit. He was powdered with flour from head to crocs with a chef hat like straight out of The Little Mermaid scene (you know the one with Sebastian the crab and the crazy chef...le poisson le poisson hee hee hee ho ho ho, don’t go on like you don’t know that part and you not singing it in your head right
We were like “this young dude is gangsta, at our spot 6am every morning with fresh homemade pastries.” Now one of the things I used to do for our shop was go around to various places for the weeks groceries (more like daily the way we ran out of avocados...avocado toasts, #1 fan fave remember? Read my blogs to keep following my hard to follow thoughts! ) So one day I’m in one of the food depots (don’t judge, not every item can be from the farmers market ok) and I look into the freezer section of the pastries just being a bit curious I suppose...and guess what I see?

Yup. The same exact pastries that our young dude gangsta drops off to us.

We were like “ok, now this young guy is a freakin genius.” He does the whole show of "authenticity" to get people feeling like he’s the real French chef deal...meanwhile he’s just heating up the pre-made, pre-cut French pastries that you get in a box from the food depot around the corner. Our corner. Loved him though. Not enough to keep him. I can heat up my own damn croissants thank you very much. You ever ran your own coffee shop? It’s freaking expensive. Gotta make some hard choices. Not that one. but you know what I




P.S. He sold the company with its “authenticity” concept for a lot of yasss, young freakin gangsta genius.

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