Making A Cold Brew Coffee Cocktail

Average time you millennials spend on a website actually reading words ... 30 seconds (true story). But if I say Cocktails. Coffee.  Alcohol. I just bought myself more time.  So be nice and read on...

There's this new trend of mixing alcohol with cold brew.  Have you ever heard of this crazy energy into a crazy crash drink called Red Bull?  It's definitely earned its wings of popularity and has established a permanent spot on bar menus worldwide (insert me pressing that screen on my phone where it gives you the option of fireworks, hearts, confetti, lasers, spotlight... I choose confetti.)

A new generation is coming.  Hell, if it isn't here already.  A non-dairy, non-gmo, organic seeking "woke" social media leading pack of coffee drinking, yes obviously, who don't want the bad ingredients anymore (die high fructose corn syrup...DIE!!!) but still want the energy and high that Red Bull + Alcohol gives you.  

Pause  (that was for emphasis).

That's where we come in.  And Red Bull, no offense, can you find a telephone booth if god forbid you forget your cell?  Some of you have literally never seen one *sigh* don't worry they still have them in vintage films like John Cusack in "Say Anything" "I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen" scene.  Too old of a reference? Jesus. How about Tom Cruise- Mission Impossible- the place where he gets his mission and then it explodes.  Ok, we are on the same page.  Yes, they have been replaced.  

One things for sure, winter is coming ( Sorry Canada and upstate NY... I'm a cold brew coffee company in Miami and a fan of GOT) and so is Coldbrew + Alcohol.  It's non-dairy, non-gmo, organic and it gives you energy and makes you feel high.  

You're Welcome. 





Making a Cold Brew Coffee Cocktail:

Date Night


3oz. D&G Ting (Grapefruit Soda)

2oz. Oak & Eden

1oz. Honey

Shake with ice and pour in tall glass.  If it's Date Night...Double the amount of alcohol.  Trust me.

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