I'll Grow Up When I Get Older


Teenage daughter says to me this week she now understands why adults must drink their hot coffee/cold brew coffee in the mornings.  "It actually gives me life" yes friends, that was quote unquote.  I just stared at her while she paid her hard earned "little jobs around the house"money, $5.87 for her small caramel frappuccino with extra whip (insert barf emoji...just because I have issues with Starbucks certainly doesn't mean my teenage daughter does, she's still in the zone where holding a Starbucks cup makes her feel grown and cool).  Seriously tho, I'm over teenagers.  Was gonna quit the coffee grind last Monday and go into the t-shirt design biz, first one up says "teenagers just don't give a shit."  Yup.  That one will probably make me a millionaire faster than cold brew coffee.

How many teenagers are of age to get their permits to drive and are like "yeeeah I'll get to that later, I'm busy buying virtual skins for Fortnite" (insert no emoji, cause I just can't fight this anymore).  The day I literally turned 16, I was in the line at the dmv, did my test and bam, yes, was driving my own little vintage hatch back baby blue Honda Civic.  Ok, I call it vintage but it was not that old, just original paint and had 4 wheels the could take me to point a to B.  You see the difference in attitude? 

it's like Uber has killed the drive in this teenager generation to drive!!!  but that's ok.  I feel like I'm always complaining about something in these blog posts so let me spin this positively.  My teenage daughter has just been introduced to coffee (weak gross coffee, but nevertheless coffee) and the keep her awake in geometry class benefits, so welcome to your newfound longterm relationship with this "liquid-bronze" (hey, the struggle is real) we call coffee.





p.s. same daughter just tried our cold brew for the first time (filled bottle with hella cream and sugar tho) and said "hmm, this actually tastes really good...doesn't even need caramel." somebody help me. 

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