Human . Kind

Human . Kind 

Be Both.

Best phrase on a t-shirt I've seen in a long time.  Why do I feel like the general consensus of people these days just. don't. care ?  If you are sitting in a tight aircraft with barely any room for your feet and that bag you managed to stuff your entire life into so you could avoid checking on anything (God forbid you become that person whose luggage never showed up.  It's happened to almost everyone I know now. except me, of course) and the person in front of you who has no room either decides to just box you in a little more by pressing the button to recline their chair onto your lap.  Like really?  Why does this even still exist?  I promise, when it happens to you, you feel a little like OJ (oh...he didn't do it???) don't you?  It's like they have created it for people to use their natural inborn tendency to be selfish.

Airplanes encourage selfishness.  This is just one example.  My sister in law who is one of these people (don't worry she'll never read this) had her awful tasting hot coffee splash on her from the person in front who was in their own push-back-the- chair rodeo. It was like slow motion for me beside her.  I swear it was about to be a Walmart parking lot up 40,000 feet in the air.  But the coffee was sooooo bad (I remember thinking where is good ol' Dunkin Donuts coffee, insert barf emoji...don't judge me and the degree of my desperation, can't always have cold brew coffee, real talk) the slow motion stopped and all I heard her scream was:

"What the hell kind of coffee are they serving up here anyway?"   

My thoughts exactly (behind the internal giggle of payback for silent airplane seat wars)



p.s. and no, I have never reclined my seat.  Thank you for your small weak applause.

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