Cold Brew Coffee Health Benefits


Nobody talks anymore.  Nobody writes anymore.  Talking is dead with these fake texting conversations.  So let me tell you about the real cold brew coffee health benefits...other than all the increased amounts of antioxidants, lower caffeine content, less acidic, and all the other stuff you can find on google. But you know what I think is the best cold brew coffee health benefit...ok, fine, just coffee in's when someone invites you to come over and have coffee, or to meet them at a coffee's like coffee is trying to save the art of talking, the art of creativity,  humanity in other words.  Fact is, I do see a lot of people "plugged in" doing their daily grind on their laptops...which I myself am guilty of, but love these weekend rules of "no laptops allowed" making room for actual conversations, and making room for actual thoughts.  I read somewhere once that it's now labeled "weird and creepy" if you see someone sitting by themselves at a coffee shop with no phone or laptop. Lol. I guess I'm weird and creepy.  

My daughter has now had her phone magically run over by two cars...because trust me, for a teenager to lose phone privileges for the simple fact of not being able to keep it from being obliterated and not any other irresponsible quite magical.  Twice.  Really?  iPhones aint cheap.  So now she has joined my world of being in crowds unplugged ( If I don't have to be working, I'm not on my phone...get complaints alllll the time)  She comes home with the most interesting stories now though.  She's reading more, enjoying the journey that it takes her mind on, and realizes that everybody her age is obsessed and addicted to their phones.  She's like, enjoying looking up at the sky and around at the trees...we had to kinda laugh about it...but it's not funny.  I know I have to get her another phone, because like she said to me on Friday, every single kid in one her classes got in trouble by the teacher for literally Netflixing in class, and she was the only one who wasn't because she simply didn't have one.  The teacher didn't believe her, neither did the students...she had to tell them the whole story of how she came to not have a phone presently.  Someone turned around and said "how are you even here without a phone..."  She was like "Translation mom is ... how are you even breathing without a phone"   Yes...SAFETY, you don't need to tell me, my daughter is a survivor of #msdstrong...and that phone helped me go get my daughter out of a life and death crisis situation...but for the love of life, I've quite enjoyed having her unplug from "Riverdale" and "Gilmore Girls" marathons and talk to me.  Real conversations.  Real thoughts.  It was like having a plug less coffee shop right in my own kitchen. No weirdos, no creeps, just good old fashioned memory making moments.  

Maybe we will finish our design of our cold brew coffee shops with no outlets for charging phones and plugging in save some humanity.  Just kidding...then nobody would come.  How are you going to take a selfie and post about how cool our brewery/coffee shop is on Instagram if, god forbid, your phone is dying?

I can't change the world.  I can just change mine.  I start each and every one with some cold brew coffee.  Doesn't make anything better, but sure gives me some damn energy. There's another cold brew coffee health benefit for you.    

Making a Cold Brew Cocktail:

(Trust me you'll need one of these after one too many millennial conversations !!!)

Broken Telephone

2oz. KIC cold brew

11/2oz. Tequila Tromba

1/2oz. Clase Azul Mezcal

1/4oz. Agave Nectar

2 dashes Angostura Bitters

Put in rocks glass. Garnish with orange twist. Talk less, listen more.






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