Cold Brew Coffee Revolution

Does anybody else get anxiety when they fly?  Well I was in an airport traveling to a destination over 13 hours.  Ended up sardined beside a 7 year old who literally fought his father physically for more time on his iPad - note to self - limit children and technology…it makes them mean and cray cray.  Not to mention the 14 month baby behind me, which is the worst age by the way, most can’t walk, definitely can’t talk, they just whine which was the music I was forced to listen to.  *Sigh…flying.  Yes, so many hours later stumbling in London Heathrow desperate for a decent cup of much needed coffee/coldbrew, either would do.  Really Heathrow International?  JUST STARBUCKS???  That’s all you got?  I may have good taste in coffee but I aint snob enough to forgo it all together.  Hell nah.  Starbucks offers cold brew fyi, but I chose hot over cold  (don’t judge me) I had to wonder to myself “where are all the big dog well known cold brews?  Stumptown?  Blue Bottle?  Even Sandows (shout out to Sandows !!!)  Hell, I’d even bought a La Colombe!!! (Smile…if someone from La Colombe is reading this…you know we love you:) 

No for real, I’m doing a call for some cold brew company out there to get going with some airport accounts, probably we should add that to our bucket list of things to accomplish with our cold brew company.  It’s hurting and I’m not a hater.  Do you walk into the beer section at a store and say “oh man…there’s more than 1 beer brand here, I have to choose?”  Nope.  Well that’s how we look at cold brew.


Spread the good word my friends, we will all benefit.  We are in the need of a COLD BREW REVOLUTION (no exclamation mark being serious here).





Making a Cold Brew Cocktail : (could have used one, or two of these on those 10 hour flights) 

1oz. KIC Cold Brew

2oz. Tanqueray no.10 Gin

3/4oz. O.Velvet Falernum

1oz. Pineapple Juice

1/2oz. Lemon Juice

Shake all the ingredients 

Fill the high ball or tall glass with crushed ice

Garnish with one mint sprig

Top it up with some sparkling KIC Cascara.





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