There's Nothing To Watch On Netflix Anymore.

There's nothing to watch on Netflix anymore.

I'm literally doing re-runs of "The Office" every night, desperately trying to unplug by plugging into another plug for that sacred hour at night.  god help me if I don't find another show to marathon teenager is set with her shows, cause Netflix apparently only caters to millennials with their K-pop, Riverdale obsessed selves and of course there's no more shows left for us old folks out here.  The standards have simply changed man.  G.O.T ruined us all.  It's not like I've given all those other shows the 20 minute chance (you know, the amount of time a theater gives you of the actual movie/not previews to ensure a refund if the movie your boyfriend chose sucks) but I'm having real issues here.  There's not even a blockbuster in the Movie Theater to look forward to this summer...are we reduced to just Marvel Comic movies?  Avengers is all we get ? Remember when Nicholas Cage was the man?  Geez, it's like we have to beg now for Tom Cruise to do Mission Impossible 28.  

Like Coffee shops too, why is it that Miami is reduced to like 2 good third wave coffee shops?  New York, Montreal, California, Atlanta, Japan, Thailand, ok seriously the rest of the world have so many great options it's hard to choose where you are going to spend your $18 for coffee (insert yellow circle emoji with the eyes wide open, what? did you think Avocado toast was $1???)

There's just nowhere to drink good third wave coffee in Miami. Like if you burn my almond milk again, I'm gonna scream. So I'll just drink my cold brew coffee at home until I build my own damn coffee shop here in Miami.

Then at least Miami will have 3 legit third wave coffee shops.





p.s.  ok. true story- this post is an old one, it was sitting in my notebook for weeks cause I was feeling a bit negative like "no one is even reading these blogs" type of attitude and now look, Netflix has just uploaded a ton of new movies...and some people are reading these, so there it is.  I knew my complaint was real tho.

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