Too Cool For School

Doing a cafe crawl in Williamsburg, NY (cause the coffee here is A.mazing) out of nowhere a large black bouncer (please just google "big black bouncer", so you get the right picture here) walks by me and whispers "Welcome to Supreme."  Im like "what?" I kid you not, I walk like 3 more blocks and Tony Soprano's twin all in the same bouncer apparel says to me in the same whispering tone "Welcome to Supreme."  Now I'm like "No, this is freakin genius" I wasn't even going to Supreme, but now I'm gonna go look and see what all this marketing fuss is about.This waiting in line for hours, to get a chance to be in the store with like max 5 people and the staff looking like kids out of Jonah Hill's new 90's movie, I was like "sheeeeeeet, im way too old to be in here". This is an experience. Never. in. my. life have I ever subjected myself to being squished up by choice (and you know how I love me some tight space airplane seats) to be in a long ass line with some barely there armpit hair crowd of millennials and wanna be cool Gargamel style bald dad bod dads with skateboards in their hands.  

Like no.  

Yet, this is exactly where I am.  (Just so we get this clear tho, this wasn't my idea - especially when you hear this next part). In this line big black bouncer tells me to step forward.  I wish you were there.  If I stepped any more forward I would literally be on the back of the dad from full house (forget his name right now and I'm not wasting time googling him) I just looked up at him from my phone, and then he was like "and no pictures ma'am."  Cause I was gonna take a selfie with me drinking my coffee featuring the latte art in front of the Supreme store.  Somebody just please kill me.  I looked at the peeps who dragged me here and all they could whisper was "welcome to Supreme."

Anyway, long story short, we bought a few things and now my kids think I'm cool.  When we do any of our grand openings for our cold brew coffee shop, and I hire club bouncers to walk blocks around our shop to whisper to people "welcome to Keep it Cool" now you know where I stole the idea from.  Boom.




Love KIC


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